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How do you make sure you've got the best shadow/liner combination for you? The looks that will really make your eyes pop, that will give you that alluring gaze whether you're at a board meeting or batting your eyelashes over a cocktail glass, are based on your specific eye color and shape. We've put together a primer for you to size up your gorgeous eyes with your color, to get the best possible effect.

The Shape of eyes

Deep Set: For deep set eyes, the key is to brighten and open them up to show off their full potential. Make sure you've got concealer on hand to cover up not only the circles under your eyes but any other color inconsistencies surrounding your eyes, shadows, green spots, whatever they may be. Choose a light shadow that's just a bit lighter than your skin color (a touch of iridescence won't hurt either) and apply it from lid to brow bone, to create an open effect. Don't forget to apply the lighter shade to the inside corner of your eyes. A liquid highlighter can work to the same effect, just make sure you blend. When it comes to using eyeliner and darker colors, focus on the outside corners, and leave the inside natural looking.

Small: Follow the same brightening tricks for deep set eyes, but don't hesitate to line your top lid, creating an eye-opening effect. Use a waterproof mascara on the bottom to further open them up. Shimmery shadows reflect light, also creating the appearance of wide eyed beauty. Make sure you use highlighting shadow or liquid highlighter to accentuate and accent your brown bone. Perfectly groomed brows will maximize the space on which to highlight. 

Heavy Lidded: You've got those bedroom eyes? You're the envy of many a woman. Make the best of it by getting those brows groomed, to maximize the visible space. Next, focus on the lower lid and lash line. Smudge brown liner for a natural focus that brings focus to the center of your eyes and balances your lids. Curled lashes will create a wider gaze, too, so don't forget to brush upward and onward with your mascara after you've crimped.

Downturned: If you've got eyes that turn down at the corners, no worries, you've got a built-in vulnerable look that tugs on heartstrings. Make it even better by applying a lighter color shadow from the center of your top eyelid to the inner corner. Then blend in a middle shade over your lids, stopping before it reaches your eyebrows. Use the darkest shade on the outer edges of your eyes. Make sure you've got it blended well!

Big Doe Eyes: You've already got an advantage in giving a truly arresting stare, beautifulmakeup will only enhance it. Groom your brows, but keep a natural-looking thickness. Too thin, and you'll look off balance. Feel free to apply darker colors to your lids, and highlight your brow bone, you'll need dark liner around your waterline to really draw attention to your gorgeous irises.

Color Matching

Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes have perhaps the most versatility with color. These blended irises often have flecks of gold, or blue or green, and are a motley mixup that allows you to play with a lot of color, including eyeliner options. Think about purple, green or gold for a night out. If you've got blue in those hazel eyes, consider a soft pink to brighten and accentuate them. Overall, pick out one color in your hazel and accent it with your makeup, as per below.

Blue: Blue, as a cool color, can look positively icy if paired with other cool colors. To add warmth and dimension to your gaze, try warm colors, earth tones and coppery shadows. Forest green, brown, even burnt orange can provide the perfect accent.

Brown: Dark eyes are the kind people simply get lost in. They give the impression of emotional depth and mystery. Nice, if you've got 'em! Really accentuate those dark shades with beautiful neutral colors that don't distract from your inborn power gaze. If you must use colors, do so sparingly. 

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